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Gläth (pron: Glare-th(soft)) is a region to the north-east of the Kingdom of Elrith and south-east to the Kingdom of Brakkomid.

It is occupied by an order of roaming elven monks called The Bonded who consider themselves at one with the world.

While the land is occupied and has desirable resources, it has never been invaded by a recognised state. This is partially because of a general understanding across the continent that their existance as a people is a net benefit to all; though it cannot be ignored that should the need arise The Bonded are also fierce warriors. Many small groups have tried to invade Gläth and have never been heard from again.

The Bonded

The Bonded are a collective of monk priests and warriors who believe they hold a unique and strong connection to the world. Their connection is spiritual, and they believe that the world is itself a living being and its inhabitants are a part of a greater system that keeps it alive.

The Bonded believe that simply living an honest life is itself service to the world. Procreating, farming, the creation of life in general is seen as a good thing provided there is balance in the process. They will not appreciate the cutting down of entire forests to create massive farms but they do not ignore people's needs for food and shelter provided it is achieved efficiently.

Supporting all life around them to the best of their ability is therefore their top priority, and they often send missionaries out to surrounding lands to provide medical, spiritual, and in rare cases combat assistance.

Despite their beliefs requiring them to support life where possible, they do not actively attempt to intervene during times of conflict. Their beliefs are deeply-held, but they are not oblivious to the greater good if they carefully consider their actions. They know they cannot convince the world to do as they do, so they have learned to recognise a better opportunity to act. Therefore, they know they cannot convince two angry kings not to fight, but they can heal the survivors to the best of their ability.

While The Bonded will attempt heal your injured and bloodied foes it is done neutrally, as they are simply trying to keep as many people alive as they can to serve the world. A smart ruler will see this as free support for their armies and civilians, and they will recognise the cost of merely allowing them to enter towns and cities to peacefully share their way of life. The Bonded are self-sufficient, and do not beg or steal in order to make their way. They will often take on small jobs or bring money with them from Gläth.

The Bonded to not have names to identify each other, due to their believe in being part of a collective singular system. When referring to themselves they will usually refer to their individual body in the third person. They maintain a succesful and logistical society despite the lack of names and timekeeping. They are not a hivemind.

The Bonded do not live life without posessions though they try to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Both when travelling and when in Gläth they will sleep in tents shares with their comrades.

Notes & Rumours

  • It is believed by some that The Bonded can hear each other's thoughts, thought there's no evidence for this at this time
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