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Kingdom of Brakkomid

The Kingdom of Brakkomid is a Kingdom to the north of the Kingdom of Elrith and to the west of Gläth.

Brakkomid enjoys a benecial but neutral relationship with Elrith. To consider the two kingdoms 'allies' is a bit strong, but they aid each other where the long-term benefits require.

Notable Locations


Minor Locations

Law Enforcement


Brakkomid has a mild climate, similar to that of real-world Great Britain. Most days are cool and lightly clouded with sun shining through, but its citizens are no strangers to damp and windy weather. There's no significant change in weather across any of the Kingdom, so there is little need for citizens to prepare for different climates when travelling.


Terrain is mostly gentle with only a couple of mountain ranges. Most of the coastal regions are steep, rocky areas but there are plenty of sandy beaches and lower/shallower areas where ports can be built.


Like most of Stourlond, Brakkomid recognises that there are many gods, but it has no official state religion. Following several turbulent eras of religious persecution the kingdom has been left somewhat religiously divided. Some worship Amphera, and neighbours down the road may worship a completely different god.

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